Attaining wealth step by step.

Structure. Maintenance.

To ensure that you know today what your financial situation will be in the future, I support you individually, independently and objectively in structuring and maintaining your assets.

For this, we define critical stages and targets:

  • calculation of earning power and tax-related optimization of real estate acquisitions
  • tax-related optimization of real estate already acquired
  • tax-related optimization of severance payments
  • consulting for/care of asset management business partnerships
  • creation of a precise overview of your assets and/or debts
  • tax-related optimization of your asset structure
  • your personal liquidity planning
  • consulting for drafting low-tax marriage contracts

I am one of just under 50 tax consultants of a total of 88,500 tax consultants in Germany who have further certification as an expert in asset planning and financial planning.
In addition, I am a member of the DVVS e.V., a German association of tax consultants advising on assets.
These qualifications provide you with certified assurance that you have found in me a competent, independently acting contact partner for all questions in connection with privately held assets.

Real estate

Real estate often makes up a major portion of wealth. It is therefore all the more important to be completely aware of the details in order to minimize risks and make meaningful use of opportunities.

Whether for your own use or as a capital investment, whether residential or commercial real estate – I support you in

  • tax- and business-related auditing for buying and selling
  • the choice of the optimum financing
  • declaring your rental income
  • optimizing your existing real estate portfolio
  • structuring for real estate transfers
  • real estate appraisals for inheritance and endowment taxation
  • founding real estate companies and their ongoing management
  • and many other aspects of this comprehensive topic

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Capital investments

No matter whether it regards your short-term capital investment strategy or long-term asset structuring – as an independent expert in asset planning and financial planning, my experience and know-how are at your disposal.

Depending on the situation, I support you as a counterpart in the dialogue on developing investment ideas, or serve as a neutral party between you and financial advisers, a family office or a bank. I am happy to additionally advise you concerning your investment decisions and their tax-related optimization and/or declaration in the tax return.

And if capital income has not been declared to date? Here, too, I help you move on to the future without a sword of Damocles hanging over your head by helping you make a voluntary self-disclosure to the tax authorities. I accompany you every step of the way with the greatest attention to detail in preparing the tax history and making all declarations vis-à-vis financial and penal authorities. My top imperative in this: absolute discretion you can count on at all times.

By the way: Do you as an heir have any suspicions that the bequeather may have failed to declare income in the past? Then you must report this to the tax authorities so that you yourself do not commit tax evasion. Since the inheritance tax declaration needs to be submitted at the same time, a coordinated procedure is even more important.

Severance payments

Spend money to save taxes? While this approach may initially seem counter-intuitive – in the case of severance payments, tax-optimized expenditures lead in part to astonishing effects with tax savings amounting to more than 100 % of expenditures.
The reason for this is the so-called one fifth rule (a form of top-slicing relief), which, in simplified terms, involves taxation on the severance payment as if it were distributed across five years.
This subject area is very complex and full of pitfalls. In particular, every case needs to be considered individually and assessed accordingly since even small changes may have major repercussions. Consequently, I support you with

  • tax-optimized conclusion of the severance agreement with your employer
  • subsequent tax-related optimization within the scope of income taxation
  • creation of your tax declaration
  • application for a refund of the German church tax

Some questions come up again and again in our day-to-day routine at the firm. Here is an overview of the classic ones we get together with practical answers.
If you would like to know more or have your own particular questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.