To ensure that the next generation
does not inherit any trouble.

Within the scope of succession planning, my clients mainly prioritize security for their families and keeping peace in the family in addition to tax-related optimization. But retaining one’s own financial lifetime achievements – primarily in the case of corporate successions – is also of primary interest.

As an objective counterpart, I support you from the initial idea to the final implementation with recommendations and information to make decisions easier, and execute these together with you. In such cases, this involves, e.g.

  • consulting on endowments and on lifetime transfer
  • consulting for the drafting of wills
  • support in the case of tax-related and legal settlement of the inheritance case
  • will administrations
  • founding and managing foundations
  • consulting for powers of attorney for healthcare and living wills
  • tax-related examination of succession provisions in partnership agreements
  • personal emergency planning

Lifetime transfer

Many of my clients are of the opinion that it is better to give with a warm hand than with a cold one. It is an important matter for them to be able to experience how the next generation will continue to further their life’s work. For this reason, they would like to plan the transfer of assets in good time – and profit from considerable tax savings:

  • asset restructuring prior to endowments (family business, family pool, international & domestic assets, etc.)
  • consulting for switching from the full community of property to the separation of assets and back
  • consulting for usufruct structuring
  • tax-related optimization of endowments
  • consulting in the case of lifetime transfer and endowments
  • consulting on the optimum use of tax exemptions
  • reporting the endowment to vis-à-vis fiscal authorities
  • creating the endowment tax declaration

Of course, I can also support you in creating your will. Broaching subject of your last will and testament in good time not only helps optimize your property succession in terms of taxes, but also reduces disputes amongst the community of heirs.

Inheritance case

As an heir, in order to have a slightly fewer worries, you should know that there are structuring options available in the case of inheritance tax. And these apply not just before the inheritance case, but also after it. Frequent subjects of disagreement to be resolved are wills which are invalid according to civil law, unclear wills, renouncement of succession or subjects involving compulsory share claims or inheritance disputes.

Overcoming such problems hinges on professional consideration of civil inheritance law and tax-related inheritance tax law. Taking prompt action often results in opportunities for correction. Get in touch with me for

  • examination of any post-mortem options for correction
  • creation of an inheritance tax declaration which also takes international considerations in particular into account
  • will administration
  • advice as to structural options in the case of inheritance disputes

Will administration and inheritance management

Make sure that your will counts. Because you definitely want your wealth to be passed on to the next generation in accordance with your own wishes and ideas. In order to secure and implement testations, you can have me act as the executor of your will. In this role, I ensure that your last will is implemented.
Even if will administration is still relatively unknown, it is nevertheless very useful and in some cases even indispensable. Will administration serves to

  • protect the inheritance
  • protect heirs who have not yet reached the age of majority
  • protect heirs who suffer from disabilities
  • settle and administrate wealth
  • conciliate heirs in case of dispute amongst themselves
  • protect against executive access of creditors of heirs in the case of heirs who are heavily in debt
  • secure the fulfilment of bequests and conditions

I would be happy to advise you as to the respective application options.

By the way: As heirs, you can agree to have an authorized party as an inheritance manager, even if no will administration has been mandated. In such cases, I can stand by your side as a reliable inheritance manager. I implement your wishes in solutions with empathy, experience and interdisciplinary know-how. This way, you gain the time you need to process your grief. As a contact partner vis-à-vis real estate agents, lawyers, notaries public, insurance companies, credit institutions, banks, investment advisers and the courts, I help shoulder your load and, as a neutral party, contribute to calm in the emotional time of upheaval following an inheritance case.
Also call upon me if charitable organizations, associations or foundations are the sole heirs. I represent your position, apply myself to protecting your part of the inheritance and/or regulate the estate settlement as a legatee.

Some questions come up again and again in our day-to-day routine at the firm. Here is an overview of the classic ones we get together with practical answers.
If you would like to know more or have your own particular questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.