From annual income tax declarations and asset structuring all the way to the transfers of assets and estate settlements, I find answers to all your questions and support you in creating forward-looking structures.


I am available at all times as your reliable contact partner. As required, I bring the corresponding specialized lawyers, auditors or corporate consultants on board, and coordinate consulting on your behalf.


If you are satisfied with your present tax consulting and want to continue working your tax consultant, I can also provide individual subservices and involve your tax consultant in order to achieve optimum results.


Asset planning –
Attaining wealth step by step

To ensure that you know today what your financial situation will be tomorrow, I support you individually, independently and objectively in structuring and maintaining your assets. This involves critical milestones and targets such as

>the creation of a precise overview of your assets (assets and debts)
>your personal liquidity planning
>a retirement provision check
>tax-related optimization of your asset structure
>consulting for/care of asset management companies
>consulting for drafting low-tax marriage contracts
>calculation of earning power and tax-related optimization of real estate acquisitions
>tax-related optimization of severance payments

Succession planning –
To ensure that the next generation does not inherit any trouble.

Within the scope of succession planning, my clients mainly prioritize security for the family and keeping peace in the family in addition to tax-related optimization. But retaining one’s own financial lifetime achievements – primarily in the case of corporate successions – is also of great interest.
As an objective counterpart, I support you from the initial idea to the final implementation with recommendations and information to make decisions easier, and execute these together with you. These include

>asset restructuring prior to endowments (family business, family pool, international & domestic assets, etc.)
>tax-related optimization of endowments
>consulting for the drafting of wills
>consulting for powers of attorney for health care and living wills
>creating deeds of gift
>personal emergency planning
>founding and managing foundations
>tax-related examination of succession provisions in partnership agreements
>corporate emergency planning
>company valuations

Case of succession –
To ensure that you have fewer worries

Structural options in the case of inheritance tax occur not only prior to a case of succession but also afterwards. Whether it is a matter of a will which is invalid according to civil law, an unclear will, a renouncement of succession or subjects involving compulsory share claims or inheritance disputes – professional consideration of civil inheritance law and tax-related inheritance tax law is crucial.


Taking prompt action often results in far-reaching opportunities for correction. Get in touch with me for

>creation of an inheritance tax declaration which also takes international considerations in particular into account
>examination of any post-mortem options for correction and structuring
>will administration
>advice for executors of wills
>advice as to structural options in the case of inheritance disputes

Some questions come up again and again in our day-to-day routine at the firm. Here is an overview of the classic ones we get together with practical answers. If you would like to know more or have your own particular questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.

There is an answer for each question!