Different countries, different tax laws…

Starting a job or studying in a different country or moving one’s place of residence abroad has never been easier. However, these favourable opportunities of globalization bring with them far-reaching tax-related repercussions. While tax law is a challenge for laypeople even in their own country, foreign tax law and intergovernmental double-tax agreements (as well as the corresponding special standards of German tax law) also need to be taken into consideration.


In the case of permanent emigration, most people seek the advice of a tax expert as a matter of course. Albeit, even in the case of temporary stays abroad, for studying or participating in a project, there may be hidden problems which, however, often go undetected or are misinterpreted in actual practice.


I would be happy to help you with your plans with my network of international partners. We provide consulting in German and English in these and other areas:

>Advice on double-tax agreements
>Advice on exit tax
>Tax optimization in the case of one-off payments as a result of moving abroad
>Advice for persons with limited tax liability
>Creation of income tax declarations for persons with unlimited and limited tax liability
>Advice on cross-border inheritances & endowments and the creation of tax declarations
>Advice on the Decree of Employment Abroad and on the NATO Status of Forces Agreement


I have more than a decade of intensive experience in the area of employee relocation/secondment. I support employees and/or employers with comprehensive know-how from initial preparations and execution all the way to reintegration after the posting comes to an end. If required, my network of experts is available to provide extensive consulting in the areas of social insurance, labour law and global mobility.

>Advice on the taxation of employees
>Exit and arrival interviews for employees for the purpose of explaining tax-related repercussions of the secondment
>Creation of German income tax declarations
>Reports on tax-related questions (e.g. the taxation of severance payments, retroactive bonus payments)
>Drafting and implementing tax adjustment agreements (tax equalization, net salary agreements, tax adjustment calculations)
>Tax optimization of secondments
>Advice in the case of stock options
>Creation of requests for income tax information from the local tax authority
>Advice on the execution of secondment with the scope of payroll accounting
>Questions in connection with social insurance law

Some questions come up again and again in our day-to-day routine at the firm. Here is an overview of the classic ones we get together with practical answers. If you would like to know more or have your own particular questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at any time.

There is an answer for each question!