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Our Docu Hub also supports the paperless exchange of documents between you and us. Transfer processes in connection with your tax assessments, income tax, annual financial statements and statements of financial position become lean, saving you time – and can be executed online from anywhere, any time. Use our practical online service for efficient, clear and secure uploading and downloading of documents and information!

We transport your data as if it were priceless china. We use state-of-the-art high tech to ensure no damage occurs.

Farewell paper chaos, post, paper receipt! Digital uploads and downloads are lean and speedy, and provide you with optimum backup.

Use our Docu Hub with any operating system on a Windows PC or Mac! And on any mobile device with an app.

You will be pleased with our Docu Hub! It’s fast as lightning, clearly structured and intuitively easy to work with.

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is a pleasure

Our Docu Hub is the data platform between you and us. Use it on any end device: Send and/or receive important documents via computer or smartphone app with just a few clicks. Contracts, assessments, supporting documents, data for income tax and/or wage data arrives intact and in real time.

This does away with double or even triple workflows. You send us the documents for your income tax declaration, for instance, just one single time – and they’re perfectly filed and ready for your tax declaration.

For the implementation of our Docu Hub, the security and protection of your sensitive data are our number-one priority. We go the extra mile to offer you a top-quality high-tech solution developed for the times we live in, which you can use on your computer as well on the road via an app. Activate your access now and make use of the many digital advantages. By the way, upon request we can also provide you with digital reminder or prepayment services.

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